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What are payment options?

We accept payment through wire transfer (T.T.) or Letter of credit (LC). We do not accept credit cards.

Can you provide us FOB or C&F Prices?

Yes. Depending on the total quantity you require we can provide you cost of forwarding and freight after taking a quote from our shipping and forwarding company. Freight and forwarding costs would be extra.

Can Peerless arrange delivery to customer's doorstep?

Yes we can have that arranged and our contract forwarding company can get that done.

What are the shipping options? How long does it take?

Shipping time varies from place to place. We can assure definite time frame after discussing with the shipping and forwarding company. But below we have given a standard timing-
- Sea shipping usually takes about 4-5 weeks. This is the cheapest way.
- Airfreight usually takes between 4-6 days.
- Door to door courier is the quickest and delivery takes between 3-5 working days.

Can Peerless provide Certificate of Origin to help you?

Yes, we can provide Certificate of Origin from appropriate authority to our customer.

What about bar coding?

Most of the products can be Bar-coded as per your specifications. Extra charges applicable.

What are the packing standards?

Besides our standard packaging; we can also do any customized size cartons & other packing.

How am I assured of quality?

We have our dedicated team to inspect the goods at various level of production process, as we believe in putting quality before anything we do. Beside this, you can have your ordered goods inspected. We shall be pleased to satisfy you with any quality assurance test by any third party as per your desire.

Working environment in production units?

Peerless doesn't allow any supplier or manufacturer who runs under awful working condition. All the products are produced by adults only. No Child or Forced labor.

What about Production time?

Depending on the product and difficulty of the design. Sometimes production queue plays a vital role.

From where we give your products?

We have contract manufacturer both here and abroad. We have our own production alliance which enables us to comply with the demand flow.

From where we give your products?

We have contract manufacturer both here and abroad. We have our own production alliance which enables us to comply with the demand flow.

Can I get my logo or designs printed on the product?

You can have your logo or design printed on the product. Extra charges are applicable for the job.

Do you have design facilities available?

Yes, we have a qualified design team. We can use your provided logo or design or come up with a fresh design as per your requirement.

Can Peerless customize the products for you?

Most of the products can be custom made; especially the diversified products are being made-to-order frequently.

What details would be required to make a quotation?

- Name of the product.
- Size of the product.
- Total quantity required.
- Date of delivery.
- Detail specification.

What are your minimum quantities?

We are very flexible with minimum order quantities. We try to accommodate all size of orders as much as possible.

How do you order?

Send us your detail requirements and we will give a quote to you soon. Once you pay your deposit we will make a pre-production sample and once it is approved we will start final production.

Do we charge for the sample?

Most of the samples are free of charge. There are however, a few product samples that we do charge for. If you would like some samples of these, you would need to place the order as normal

How Can I get the samples and how long will it take?

It takes us around six days to prepare the samples, depending on the queue. Please email us with your delivery address and state the product specification in detail. We will then send it by courier.

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