Export Policy
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Export Policy


1.1 For Peerless Enterprise to start production, please reconfirm the order ASAP, within a week latest.
1.2 We take up production only on receipt of your confirmation and receipt of the 50% Advance Payment.
1.3 Delay in Order confirmation can lead to change in unit prices subject to volatility in the supply of our raw materials.

2.1 100% Advance will result in 1.25% Discount on the total FOB order value.
2.2 50% Advance & Balance 50% CAD (Cash Against Documents)
2.3 All Advance Payments to be sent by SWIFT.
2.4 Sample Development Cost can be sent by SWIFT.
2.5 All bank charges in the client's country will be to the account of the client.


3.1 The normal delivery period varies between 12 to 18 weeks after receipt of the advance payment, depending on the order assortment and the time when the order is placed, as well as the method of shipment.

3.2 For repeat orders it is 7 to 12 weeks.
3.3 In view of the volatile prices of raw materials, repeat order prices need to be reconfirmed (which will be maintained as far as possible) before order placement.

4.1 Minimum Order Shipment Value is FOB US$ 5000.00.
4.2 Minimum Order of product, depending on the specific product.
4.3 For Customized Developments: These will be for the buyer's account.
4.4 Minimums for exclusivity for a particular design in a particular region can be discussed, depending on the size of the region.

5.1 Extra processing payment per order slab: Depends on case to case

6.1 Client to send L&P Instructions latest within 2 weeks after the order confirmation.
6.2 Any delay here could adversely affect production time and subsequent order delivery.
6.3 Prices are inclusive of normal wash care & composition label + sea-worthy export carton packaging, with a carton gross weight of approximately 15 - 20 KG maximum.
6.4 Any special labelling & packaging requirements would cost extra.

7.1 We can courier you representative APS as Bonafide Free Samples to a maximum of one piece of each item in about214 weeks after receipt of the 50% advance payment.
7.2 If APS / Salesmen Sample requirements exceed 0.25% of the order value, the difference would be borne by the client as Sample Development Charges.
7.3 The Courier costs involved would be for the account of the client.
7.4 Client to advise their Courier A/C No. Details for dispatch of New / Advance Production Samples.

8.1 On receipt of Customized Development requirements, we will revert with:
1. Cost of Development Project
2. Stages & Time Schedule for Development & Sampling
3. Minimums required For Sampling & Production
4. Order Delivery Time when different from our normal time
5. Queries, remarks and constraints, if any
8.2 On finalization of the Development Project, the client is to send the samples project development cost in advance by TT and their courier account number for sample dispatch.
8.3 All sample courier costs will be for the client's account.
8.4 The development time schedule varies between 2 to 4 weeks depending on the range and processes involved.

9.1 Find attached our Qualitative Materiel Requirements & Care Instructions.
9.2 For any special tests like AZO, CE testing, light fastness, wash care etc. we will charge extra as per the actual costs involved.

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